Top 10 apps for perfect pilates workouts (2023)

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Pilates is a wonderful, gentle form of exercise that will help you develop your strength and flexibility. It's also excellent for balance and posture. Although Pilates focuses particularly on your core, your whole body benefits from this type of exercise. And because the movements are slow and precise, it's suitable for all fitness levels.

Like yoga, Pilates is a great way to increase awareness of your body's movements and practice mindful exercise. It is therefore also ideal for your mental well-being. Many apps are dedicated to Pilates or contain an important element of Pilates practice. Here are some mobile apps that can help you benefit from Pilates.

1. Pilates exercises at home

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Pilates: Workouts at Home is an app from Nextoft's collection of workout apps. It gives you a free introduction to the world of Pilates with a 30-day program designed by a Pilates instructor. Other apps on this list have more features, but this is a good start, with video instructions and charts showing which muscles you're working, along with icons showing how to breathe properly during each sequence. You could try along with someOnline Pilates Classesto see if this type of exercise is right for you.

Download:Pilates exercises to do at homeiOS|Android(Free in-app purchases available)

2. Customize

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FitOn is a great workout app., deserves its spot on this list with an extensive Pilates section. Choose your workout based on categories like duration, intensity, target zone, and equipment. The trainers are great and there are numerous challenges to keep you coming back to the app again and again.

And with so many disciplines at your fingertips like HIIT, cardio, dance, and barre, you might as well be inspired to try different types of exercise. FitOn is an amazing free resource, but if you upgrade to FitOn Pro you get additional premium features including fitness tracker integration, premium music and unlimited offline downloads.

Download:earn moneyiOS|Android(Free, subscription available)

3. Pilatesologie

Pilatesology is the app for you if you want to practice pure and classic Pilates. With over 1,900 on-demand videos taught by some of the world's leading trainers, you can approach Pilatesology from a complete beginner to a seasoned pro. There are beginner progressions to get you started and a dedicated section with exercises and tips for Pilates teachers.

This app lets you train from anywhere with downloadable courses when you're offline. Classes don't require any equipment, but if you have all the specialized equipment, the teachers will help you put it to good use. Pilatesology is one of the most expensive options, but you can't beat it for quality and quantity of content.

Download:Pilatesology foriOS|Android(Subscription required, free trial available)

4. 5 Minute Pilates

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Olson Applications 5 Minute Pilates is an excellent choice for beginners. The free app offers quick workouts that take no more than five minutes and only require a mat or soft floor. Everything is fully described through written instructions, with 3D animated demos accompanying each move. Complete one sequence and move on to the next, building your experience day by day. Upgrade to 5 Minute Pilates Pro to access all exercises at once.

Download:5 minutes Pilates foriOS|Android(Free, subscription available)

5. Pilates training anytime

Pilates Anytime Workouts is the app from the same team behind Yoga Anytime. This group has been teaching Pilates online since 2010 and thousands of exercises and challenges are available in this comprehensive app. Like Pilatesology, Pilates Anytime Workouts includes routines for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros, so it's just a matter of finding your level and enjoying the challenge.

With new videos added every week and many teachers teaching in beautiful outdoor locations, there is a lot to draw you into this app. Although the subscription is expensive, you can try it out with a two-week free trial before committing.

Download:Pilates workouts anytime foriOS|Android(Subscription required, free trial available)

6. Hello movements

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Alo Moves is a fitness app available exclusively for iOS devices. It offers many forms of yoga, fitness and mindfulness, including a large catalog of Pilates exercises within the fitness category. Essentially, the goal here is to encourage you to combine the disciplines to create a program that benefits your mind and body. To this end, subscribers can fill out a questionnaire to receive a personalized program tailored to their needs.

If you are drawn to Pilates because of the mindfulness element of the practice, this is one of the best apps for you.

Download:hello movingiOS(Subscription required, free trial available)

7. work

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With hundreds of exercises that don't require a gym or equipment, Sworkit is one of the bestExercise apps to get fit. It offers exercise opportunities for people who are too busy to go to the gym. You can specify the type of fitness journey you are on and Sworkit will suggest the best program for you. Or you can follow one of the fitness challenges Leaner, Fitter or Stronger. The Pilates section is well represented, but you'd better download this app to enjoy the wide variety of workout challenges it offers.

Download:I work foriOS|Android(Subscription required, free trial available)

8. Body by Blogilates

Body by Blogilates is the brainchild of Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates and fitness instructor. She brings her infectious personality to this app, an extension of her YouTube and social media presence, where she has garnered over 10 million subscribers across all platforms.

Ho has developed her own brand of Pilates called Pop Pilates, which is suitable for all ages and skill levels. You may recognize Ho from his frequent appearances in the media and on magazine covers. But that doesn't distract from exercise programs that will stretch and challenge you.

Download:Blogilates Corps foriOS|Android(Free, subscription available)

9. MWH: Fitness + Bienestar

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Another teacher-led app that shares his vision with the world is MWH: Fitness + Wellness. MWH stands for Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Health, and Wood-Tepperberg and her team of coaches teach Pilates, yoga, barre, and fitness classes through this app. There are over 500 lessons included.

HWH's vision is to create a more mindful way of life, so alongside exercise options you'll find mindful meditations, diet tips, and lifestyle advice. HGH is particularly useful as aFitness app for expectant mothers, with some Pilates classes dedicated to prenatal and postnatal wellbeing.

Download:MWH: Fitness + Wellness foriOS|Android(Subscription required, free trial available)

10. The Pilates class

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The Pilates class is led by Jacqui Kingswell, a former professional dancer who worked with the likes of Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and One Direction before switching paths to help others learn Pilates. Kingswell is a friendly and encouraging trainer and this app shows very quickly how Pilates can work as both an energy booster and a relaxing activity.

You can filter the available exercises by type as well as duration, intensity, target area and time. There is a free seven-day trial to try out the classes, or you can visit The Pilates Class website.

Download:Pilates class foriOS|Android(Subscription required, free trial available)

Try mindful training with Pilates apps

Pilates is good for the mind and body and complements almost any other type of exercise. These apps show that Pilates has something for everyone, with classes for all levels and abilities. With these apps, you don't have to rely on going to a fitness class or gym. You can train in the privacy of your own home or download the courses and take them with you wherever you go.

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